Customer support and return services for each product are available only during the guarantee period.

Payments are accepted only through our website and you get the requested account/tool only after payment is confirmed.

Please send the correct amount of bitcoin when you pay otherwise your payment will be on hold by third party payment method that we use.

Sharing ( leaking ) a product that you purchased on cracking.zone is not allowed.

We can’t refund anything after purchase
We can only replace your product with another product if they have the same price. ( If config is not working we remove them from our store until we update it )

We don’t refund working configs
We will not refund you because you don’t have good sources like combos/proxies that’s not our problem, we will refund a config/tool only if we can’t prove that is still working fine!

If you need help feel free to contact me

We do not update your purchased configs for free!

We are not responsible for how the products purchased will be used and we do not support any illegal activity.
We have the right’s to change your term’s anytime! please check this page to stay updated.